[Master Chef] MIT High quality soup, sauce and tailor made product
T&T Foods Company is a professional soups company.  We have 18 years experience of producing high quality frozen soup and our brand master chief is a leading brand in the creamy soup market in Taiwan.
[Boyds] Professional soup powder
T&T Foods Company is always focus on product quality as first priority, we import the best brand BOYDS soup powder which company is well managed and providing good quality soup powder form US.
[Savory Choice] Chicken broth concentrate
Savory Choice is brought to you by Savory Creations International. Located in Northern California, Savory Creations offers a full range of premium broth concentrates at affordable prices for foodservice, retail, and industrial use. We’re making news around the country because we deliver broths that taste good enough for chefs to call their own.
Our clean label products contain no MSG, or HVP, and they’re naturally gluten free with zero Trans fats. 
Savor the homemade flavor!
[Prima Taste] Singapore cuisine
Prima Taste, is managed by Prima Food Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prima Limited. Prima Food's main business areas are food manufacturing and F&B franchising. Prima Food was established in 1992 and has since built a strong reputation for premium quality value-added food products. The company also manages PrimaDeli, Singapore's first home-grown award-winning bakery franchise and the longest running Singapore food franchise.
[88 Pier] Pre fried Alaska fish product
The supplier of Seafood products is vertically integrated harvester, processor and marketer of seafood from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

The company is a privately held, Malaysia owned corporation operating offshore processors and shore-side plants throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

We are proud to offer you our finest seafood products, “From the Source to the Plate®.”
[Little Red Hut] Little Red Hut Cheese stick
The supplier of cheese stcik "DK Foods Co., Ltd." was founded in 1997 as a liaison office of ConAgra Foods Potato Specialty Products (formerly known as Lamb Weston, lnc.) in Korea. We also have imported variety of cheese from USA and Europe since foundation. In 1998, we developed the nation’s first Cheese sticks in Korea. We are not just nation’s first but also nation’s finest products maker. 
Products manufactured by us include Cheese sticks, Cheese ball, and other frozen processed foods. Recently we succeed to develop new string cheese after long research and development effort, and launched new products named ‘Italian Provolone & Mozzarella Cheese Sticks’, ‘Gorgonzola & Mozzarella Cheese sticks’, ‘Mozzarella Cheese sticks’ and ‘DK Cheese Sticks’.
These selections are sold to retail, foodservice and wholesale operations throughout Korea and overseas. 
We also run India Gate which is an Indian court cuisine restaurant and is operated in 7 places in Korea.
The stores have contributed to popularize Indian food culture, especially curry in Korea where Japanese style retort “Carre” prevails.
On the basis of running restaurants for over 10 years, we started production of the same quality curries for retail consumers at our factory by cook & chill concept from 2009 and enjoy good responses.
[Fruity Garden] High quality fruit tea
We draw lessons from Nature, to be truthful and honest to show our “Sincerity”

Using fresh fruits grown only in our homeland

We bow our heads to Nature for allowing these two ingredients,“Sincerity.”and “Fresh Fruits.”
With unwavering gratitude towards Nature.
[Golden Farm] Professional Soft serve ice cream powder
The powder products are blended and packed in a modern, scientifically designed and planned facility that is computer controlled with full QC traceback to individual raw material batches used. 

The WholeFarm Company offers a quality standard that will give you peace of mind in today’s marketplace.